Fear, we all think and experience it differently. For many of us, fear holds us back.

When I say it holds us back, I mean it stops us from doing amazing things, from fulfilling our desires and our dreams. Whether you have an incredible business idea or you want a career change, fear plays a massive role in our decision-making.

There are three factors that emanates from fear. The first is that it creates prolonged procrastination. It makes you think that the timing isn’t right, it constantly tells you to wait until next week, month or year when ‘things’ change. The symptoms of prolonged procrastination stem hugely from fear of facing the unknown and it can eventually lead to the ‘’it’s too late’’ ideology.

The second is ”I don’t have enough money or resources”. We have seen many business startups and many successful entrepreneurs that started out with little to nothing. So why do many of us still use this as an excuse?

The third and most important factor that fear creates is lack of faith in your idea and in your own abilities. Fear questions you in a lot of ways and in turn makes you believe that you will not succeed. This is also known as the fear of failure.

Why do so many of us allow the above factors created by fear stop us from fulfilling our dreams?

Why do we allow it to create a barrier between who we are and who we want to be?

So, now you are wondering how to overcome fear, right?

I am in the exact same position as you and so are a number of people. Unfortunately, as much as we might like, there is no secret potion. Imagine that, a potion to get rid of fear once and for all.

On a serious note, there is one effective way we can overcome fear.  That is identifying exactly what that fear is and how exactly its stopping you from having the life you want. Its easier said than done, I know. But, once you recognise why and how this fear is exactly stopping you from success, you will be in control. The more you are in control of your emotion, the less likely you will be to fall astray.

Control as well as your passion to want to change your current situation, can potentially defeat fear once and for all. Control enables the fire in your motivation and ambition to keep igniting.

Fear is like any other emotion but when it comes to fear we seem to forget how in control we are of our emotions. Recognise that you are in control and don’t let fear shape your reality.  I did and guess what, I created this blog, something I’ve always wanted to do.



  1. Fear is the cause of failure and it leads people to despair their Aimee future life..

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